Today, Rayven have a wide number of coating chemistries and application technologies to optimum adhesive solution for our customers.

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Since 1954 Rayven has offered a wide range of pressure sensitive adhesive coated products: Adhesive label materials, Zone and pattern coating, Hot melt PSA, Transfer tapes & Transfer adhesives, Custom adhesive tapes, ReproFilm, & Sticky foam.

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Rayven, Inc. is far from the largest coating company in the country. What makes Rayven unique, is the variety of individual services we offer for our customers.

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Rayven, Inc.

Offers Complete Solutions

Rayven Inc. is foremost in the field of coating and laminating. Our broad product and service offering is seldom found in the industry. Rayven strives to offer unique custom tailored solutions to our customers varied application needs.

We offers a "COMPLETE SOLUTION" for our customers. Our vertical integration includes Coating, Converting and Packaging. Rayven can supply finished products ranging from letter sized sheets for the office market to slit rolls of all sizes for industrial needs.

Rayven, Inc. strives to be flexible and responsive to your changing corporate needs. Our website will give you a good understanding of our capabilities.

Please feel free to contact us to go over your application in detail.