Fiber Reinforced Bag Envelope & Sealing Tapes

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Envelope Sealing Tapes
Rayven utilizes our Patent-pending technology to produce large traverse (spool) wound rolls of fiber reinforced tape (FRT). These tapes feature an extended film liner along with a fiber reinforced stripe of pressure sensitive adhesive.

These self-sealing fiber reinforced tapes (FRT) are commonly used for permanent sealing of products such as tyvek envelopes, self sealing bags,poly mailer and poly envelopes, and sealing of construction vapor barriers.

A common example of Fiber reinforced tape utilizes a ¼" wide stripe of aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive reinforced with a single strand of 110 dTEX PET filament yarn, on a ½" wide thin polyester film release liner. This product is supplied in traverse would spools at a length of 21,000 feet. Fiber reinforced tape can be custom configured to a customer's specific application. Variables can include: types of release liner film, adhesives thicknesses, slitting widths, number and type of reinforcements, and liner printing. Rayven, Inc. (manufacturers the entire tape including the release liner) offers a very cost effective solution.

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