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    Rayven offers custom self adhesive label materials. Rayven's label stocks cover a wide range of base materials, top coatings, adhesives and liners. The possible combinations are only limited by our customers needs and imaginations.

    Some of the Substrates that we commonly work with are:
      Permanent: For most high strength bonding applications.
      Semi-Permanent: For paper and graphic arts applications where aggressive bonds are not required.
      Removable: For removable devices, labels and tapes, also used for graphic arts and forms applications.
    Hot Melt - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can also be matched to the various substrates that will be applied to. Special blends are available for low surface energy films and PVC films.

    Application methods for hot melt adhesive vary with the type of material being coated and the desired coating thickness or pattern.

    Common methods are roll coating, slot die, bead, multi-bead, and spray-swirl coating. Rayven currently offers both slot die & swirl coating. Hot melt adhesives can be applied directly to the substrate or coated onto the release liner and then nipped to the substrate (transfer coating). Rayven can supply a silicone coated release liner to complement any hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. Contact Rayven's Sales Department to discuss your custom label stock needs today.