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    Most Inkjet Specialty Wide Format Media is created for wide format applications. The nature of the wide format printers lends them to be used for unique applications in the Areas of Graphic Arts, point of purchase (POP), and digital fine art.

    These applications can very often have needs for media that cannot be satisfied by the normal "commodity" inkjet papers.

    In many ways Inkjet Specialty Wide Format Media is limited only by the imagination and the viability of the market.

    Some examples of Inkjet Specialty Wide Format Media include:
    • Fire resistant banner material - Nomex
    • Metallic papers or films
    • Holographic papers or films
    • Self adhesive - PVC and Polypropylene films
    • Thermal adhesive coated films
    • Thin BOPP films
    • Lenticular films
    • Thin Self Adhesive Inkjet films used in label applications
    • Various Fine Art papers and Watercolor papers
    • Canvas Art Media
    • Nylon fabric Banner and Art application
    • Wood veneer
    • Unique adhesive papers
    • Films with (Color tinted inkjet coatings)
    • Thick paper board used for packaging development
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