Sticky Back Foam and Plastic Foam

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Rayven Sticky Foam
Custom manufactured adhesive foams and other thick substrates. Rayven can supply adhesive coating on one side for applications such as tapes, medical devices, packaging, industrial mounting.

Single side adhesive foams are ideal for die cut packaging protective pads. Double sided coated foams are ideal for mounting applications and are often die cut to shape. Rayven does not offer die cutting, but can supply the coated rolls directly to your die cutter.
  • Rayven can offer various thicknesses of adhesive coated foam from 1/32" to 1/4" thick.

  • Various types of plastic foam are available from inexpensive PE closed cell foam to Premium Voltek® Volara® polyolefin closed cell foam.

  • A wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesives can be supplied such as tackafied acrylics, acrylics, rubber based, and food/skin contact adhesives are available.

  • Foams can be adhesive coated on one or both sides.

  • Rayven can offer awide selection of release liners in both paper and film. Rayven silicone coat their own release liners so we are not limited to "standard materials and "thicknesses".

  • Finished product can be slit to meet most specifications.

Rayven Sticky Foam Sheets
Rayven doesn’t produce a line of standard adhesive foam products. All of our adhesive coated foam products are engineered to our customer's specifications. Rayven will match the correct foam, adhesive, and release liner to tailor the product exactly to your needs.

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